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Getting Your Home Ready For A Showing

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

So you have decided or are deciding to list your home. That means at some point buyers are going to come through the house. Getting ready for people to come through the house at any time can be stressful. Giving some focused attention to some little things will help reduce the anxiety.


Where to start:

  • Look at the entrance to your home.

As you walk up and into the house you are going to get an impression. Do you have to deal with an unruly shrub or hedge, do you need to cut the grass, fix the flower bed? In the winter, shovel your walkway/step. When you enter the house what light fixture are you going to look at first? Do you need to replace that? Is the doorway cleared of coats, shoes and boots?

  • Cosmetic changes. Changing paint colour is a quick, easy fix.

Grey (Gray) depending on paint brands, has been the new beige for some time now. There are many nuances of this shade that can enhance the look of your space. Look at the colours in your room and determine what you are going to change and what you are not, and find the shade that goes with the tone of the room.

Greens are thought to represent tranquility, good luck, and health. It is thought to improve reading ability. It is used in decorating because of its calming effect.

Blue is also used to stimulate a tranquil and calming effect. It is beneficial to the mind and body, slowing metabolism, creates a feeling of relaxation and order. It inspires high ideals and enhances self expression by communicating our needs and wants.

What ever colour choices you decide on, just remember, neutral tones are a good idea. People like different colours for many reasons and the accessories they bring into the home are what they have in their minds eye.

  • Declutter in advance. Keep it clean and uncluttered.

When the beds are made make sure you smooth out the blankets or comforter- no wrinkles. If you have curtains, make sure they are functioning and clean, give them a balanced look. Think light and airy, show the space you have. In the Kitchen, keep the counter free and clear of unnecessary items, put away your toaster, but maybe a nice fruit bowl can make it warm and inviting. If your fruit is ripening and dead looking, get rid of it. Check your floors. Vacuum, sweep, mop, keep it clean. If there is badly soiled carpet remove before you list your home or get it professionally cleaned. Flooring can be an attractive quick fix that can enhance the sale of your home.

  • The bathroom.

The bathroom is a big feature in regards to selling a home. Clear off the vanity top, and clean the tub and shower. Most buyers are going to be looking inside the shower/tub, don’t leave them with an unpleasant experience. Organize your towel and linen closet and hang fresh towels on the rack neatly. A clean impression goes a long way with prospective buyers.

  • Put away your Valuables.

Keep temptation to a minimum. Put away you jewelry, your lap tops and iPads. Keep your remotes and garage openers in a safe place. In todays world you just need to take precautions.

  • Temperature and Lighting.

Ambiance should make you feel like you are entering into a nice, comfortable and cozy home. Temperature reflects the time of year; if its cold out, warm it up. If it is hot out, cool it off. The lights should all be on. Consider also an aromatherapy diffuser. Buy a blend, or make your own, that makes a fresh and clean scent, nothing heavy.

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