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Renovated Building

Ontario's Residential Condo Buyer's Guide (2020)

A complete guide of information on buying a condo.

Content Example:
Part 1: Buying a Condominium Unit
Part 2: Moving into a Pre-Construction Condominium Unit
Part 3: Condominium Living.
Part 4: Resources for Issues Resolution

Standard Lease Guide (2018)


A guide to the standard lease and your rights in Ontario.


The Financial Services Commission of Ontario explains and discusses the types of open or closed, variable or fixed mortgages and more.

What Kind of Mortgages are Available?....

Mortgage Calculators

Investment Calculators 

Small Ownership Landlords

Checklists & Home Tips

How To Begin Decorating Your Home

How to Begin Decorating Your Home

Ladies of Real Estate

What Does An Appraiser Look For

What Does an Appraiser Look For?

12 Air Purifying House Plants (safe for cats)

Purifying House Plants

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